Economic Development

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Gardendale’s economic development has focused on positive growth, strengthening the economic and social well being of the residents and businesses in the community.  A business-friendly environment, Gardendale is recognized as an up-and-coming suburb benefiting from economic growth.

Gardendale Demographic and Income Profile
Gardendale AL 1-3-5 Mile Radius

Business Summary
Gardendale 3-5-10 Minute Drive Time

Standard Site Map
Gardendale 3-5-10 Minute Drive Time

Disposable Income
Disposable Income is after-tax household income.

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Focus on Commercial Construction featuring UAB
Focus on New Residential Construction
Focus on Business featuring Gardendale Buffalo Wild Wings
Focus on business: featuring the Chamber of Commerce
Focus on Business featuring Jeff Dennis Jewelers
Focus on Business - Attorney Liz Young
New Gardendale City Hall
Focus on Restaurants featuring Our Place
Focus on Business featuring Stella Boutique
Raymond G. Doss Playground of Miracles
Focus on Real Estate: featuring Keller Williams
Comprehensive Plan
Developer Jay Turner and Architect Jay Pigford
Businessman Jeff Dennis