Fire Department Services


  1. Risk Watch – K-4 through 8th grade
  2. Remembering When – Senior Adults
  3. Station Tours – All Ages
  4. Fire Safety Classes – All Ages
  5. Smoke Detector Information
  6. Home Exit Drill Information
  7. Residential Fire Sprinkler Information
  8. Fire Extinguisher Safety Information

Fire Inspections:

  1. Annual inspections of all commercial and public buildings for fire hazards.
  2. Fire Code Enforcement
  3. Knox Box Locking Systems
  4. Public Display Applications (Fireworks)
  5. Fire and Life Safety Plan Reviews and Inspections are conducted on all new construction projects.
  6. Certificate of Occupancy Inspections
  7. Fire hazard complaints
  8. Pre-Incident Planning – allows fire suppression personnel the opportunity to enter buildings and acquaint themselves with the surroundings.

Fire Investigations:

  1. All fires in commercial and residential structures.
  2. Wildland and natural vegetation fires.
  3. Vehicle fires.
  4. Burn complaints

For any of the above services or to report a fire hazard or burn complaint, call the Fire Prevention Bureau or the Fire Marshal at 631-6660.

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The Fire Department Staff has certified instructors to provide CPR certification and re-certification as needed for individuals and groups. Please contact our department staff for scheduling times @ 205.631.6660.


The Department of National Transportation and Safety Board has determined that 4 out of 5 child safety seats are incorrectly installed in all vehicles. The general public is also uninformed about child seats and their life expectancy. We have trained and certified inspectors who would be glad to inspect your child’s safety seat for proper installation. For more information about safety seats and inspections, you may contact our department staff for scheduling times @ 205.631.6660.