IMG_0842Under the supervision of Public Works Director, Jeff Holliyan, employees operate a fleet of dump trucks, brush trucks, loaders, leaf vacuums, and tractors. Through the dedication of its employees, the Public Works Department is committed to maintaining and upgrading the City’s infrastructure while providing dependable, high-quality service.

With approximately 500 streets in the City, Gardendale covers about 57 square miles of area, containing 400 lane miles of City streets, as well as 30 lane miles of Jefferson County roadways and 52 lane miles of State of Alabama highways.

The Public Works and Park Maintenance Departments have fostered a beautification program directed toward the meticulous maintenance of the City’s roadways, public spaces, ballparks, tennis courts, and park playgrounds. In 1997, Gardendale won the prestigious Jefferson County Beautification Outstanding Area Award in recognition of our landscaping projects and beatification efforts throughout the city.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Public Works Department is responsible for constructing and maintaining the City’s infrastructure. We accomplish some of the work with our employees and equipment; the rest is contracted to private firms, such as garbage collection and large paving projects. In this way, our citizens receive the benefit of the best service at the least possible cost.

There are approximately 500 streets in the City of Gardendale. We cover about 57 square miles of area containing 400 lane miles of City streets, as well as 30 lane miles of Jefferson County roadways, and 52 lane miles of State of Alabama highways.

Under the leadership of Jeff Holliyan, Public Works Director, with the aid of a knowledgeable and experienced supervisory and administrative staff, our employees perform the following tasks:

1. Our supervisors review plans and specifications to ensure that proposed commercial, industrial and residential development is consistent with City regulations and master plans. They inspect these projects as construction progresses and serve on various other boards and committees.

2. Our office staff maintains these and other records of past projects to facilitate location of underground utilities and to identify boundaries between public and private properties.

3. We maintain street markers, stop signs and various other traffic control devices (but not traffic lights).

4. Our mechanics maintain and repair the department’s vehicles and equipment; they perform jobs that range anywhere from minor repairs to major overhauls.

5. Our construction and maintenance employees perform the following duties:

  • Remove litter and other objects from roadways;
  • Repair and patch potholes, driveways, shoulders and around mailboxes;
  • Clean ditches on City rights-of-way;
  • Run daily routes throughout the City to pick up and haul brush and trash from residential areas;
  • Provide leaf vacuum pick-up service from November through January 31st of each year;
  • Apply herbicide to right-of-way vegetation;
  •  Install drainage pipe, build manholes and headwalls;
  • Remove dead animals from right-of-way;
  • Assist the Police Department with stray animals;
  • Mow grass and trim rights-of-way;
  • Apply pesticide to City rights-of-way when necessary based upon information obtained from the Jefferson County Health Department concerning the imminent threat of the West Nile virus.

Our department works in conjunction with the Mayor, City Council members, other City departments as well as various utility companies during both routine and emergency situations; we respond on call to work during emergency situations in order to clear roads after storms, spills and during snow and icy weather.

Our employees take an active role in the beautification of the City through several innovative programs:

Gardendale America in Bloom
City Clean-Up Week (first or second week of April and a date in the fall TBA)
Christmas Tree Recycling Program (Date TBA)
We are proud to provide our services to one of the largest and fastest growing cities in Jefferson County.


Frequently Requested Contacts

Garbage Service

To request Household Garbage Service:

1. Household garbage will be picked up by:

They will pick up one time per week – they only pickup what is inside the can (they use the lift trucks with automatic pickup arms to empty the cans).
Phone number: 205-631-1313 or send them an email at

Call Public Works at (205) 631-3394.

To report road hazards such as ice, flooding, fallen trees in streets, and street markers or signs down. Our normal working hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Nights and weekends you may call the Police Department – they have emergency contact numbers.

To request brush and leaf pickup.

To report/request right-of-way construction needs.

Tree trimmings and shrubbery cuttings shall be placed near the curb or street. All tree trunks must be cut in three (3) foot lengths and be no more than two (2) feet in diameter. Anything larger will not be picked up. Removal of stumps will be left to the brush truck operators’ discretion.

Leaves and pine straw should be put in containers or bags to be removed with limb pickup from February through October of each year. Mulched leaves and grass clippings must be bagged for pickup by the brush truck year-round. The leaf vacuum machines will run from November through January each year. After that date, leaves will be picked up in bags only.
Contractors – If residents contract the cutting of any trees, it is the responsibility of the contractor to dispose of the debris.
Residential – Each residence shall be allowed one truckload of trees/brush per month. Should a resident have more than one truckload of brush in any one month, the owner must cause the additional debris to be removed, or pay a fee to the City to dispose of any consecutive load(s); additional loads will be picked up according to the operators’ routes.
Building debris – Plaster, lumber, roofing, concrete and brick resulting from the repairs or demolition of any building will not be moved. The property owner must cause this waste to be removed.
Dead animals – Dogs, cats, etc. will be removed from public rights-of-way; cattle, horses, etc., will be removed by the owner at the owner’s expense.

We also provide a ONE TIME pickup of moving boxes for new residents.

The Public Works Department now also operates the Brush Recycling Program:

If you live within the City limits of Gardendale and have brush or trash ready for pickup, call our office at 631-3394. Our office personnel fill out brush tickets with the caller’s name and address and forward the tickets to the brush truck drivers. These tickets help us determine the location and volume of debris to be picked up.

We generally operate two brush trucks each weekday. The City is divided into two districts: (1.) East of Highway 31 and (2.) West of Highway 31; the Eastern route begins at Leslie Lane in South Gardendale and runs northward to Ward Road; the Western route begins at Garrett Road and runs southward to Jamestown Manor on Main Street.

Call (205) 631-1708 to:

To report City street light problems – they list outages and report them to Alabama Power Company.

To report streetlight outages, click here to contact Alabama Power Company!

Contact the Police Department at (205) 631-8787

To report stray animals – they will report them to Animal Control.

Contact the Birmingham Water Works board at (205) 244-4000

For water service or maintenance.

Jefferson County Related

Contact 849-2321

To report problems with County maintained roads:
Mt. Olive Road from Main Street to Fieldstown Road
Mt. Olive Road from Highway 31 westerly through city limits
Fieldstown Road from Highway 31 westerly through city limits
Tarrant Road from Highway 31 to New Castle Road
Bauers Lane (School Drive)
Ash Avenue (School Drive)

Contact (205) 631-6096

Contact sewer department at (205) 942-0681

To report sewer problems.

Contact Health Department

To report dead birds: 930-1225
To report scrap tires: 325-8712

Contact AL Department of Transportation at (205) 328-5820.

To report any problems or hazards on Highway 31 or Interstate 65.